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Super Terrier Awards
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I am including the Super Terrier Award for each day of this trial.

Cowboy Munchie
One of the 2006 Super Terrier winners!

Melanie Lopez has graciously sponsored the 2008 Super Terrier awards! A great big THANK YOU to her for this generous sponsorship!!

These awards will be given to the Puppy, Adult, and Veteran terriers who earn the most points for that day based on the following: 6 points for 1st, 5 points for 2nd, 4 points for 3rd, 3 points for 4th, 2 points for 5th, and 1 point for 6th in their regular classes. Terriers must be entered in Hurdles Racing, Flats Racing, Conformation, and Open or Championship GTG to be eligible for this award. For Conformation, regular and miscellaneous conformation classes will be counted only (as to include spayed/neutered terriers). Suitability and Family classes do not count for these awards. Racing points will be awarded for the Finals races for flats and hurdles. This is non-sanctioned.

Super Puppy-Open to puppies 6-12 months old
Super Adult-Open to Adult terriers (spayed, neutered, or intact) 1-5 years old
Super Veteran-Open to Adult terriers (spayed, neutered or intact) 6 years and older

The intent of this award is to recognize the all around terriers. There is no entry fee for this class, however, terriers are not eligible unless they have entered Hurdles, Flats, GTG, AND Conformation. In the event of a tie, the GTG times will determine the winner. For puppies that pass Open and move on to Championship, only the first time through the Open tunnel will count in an effort to keep things fair.

I cannot stress enough that spayed and neutered terriers are eligible for these awards!! This year we have some great prizes and some great big ribbons! Trials are NOT just for terriers used for breeding purposes! Get those all-around pooches entered for your shot at the title "Super Terrier"!